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Endodontic Treatment

What is a root canal treatment and when would I need to get it done?

Root canal treatment involves the cleaning of tooth nerve that has been exposed to bacteria. Local anaesthetic is used to ensure no pain during treatment and the dentist will make a small hole to access the nerve chamber. This is then cleaned of bacteria and any dying tissue is removed. 

The canal is filled to prevent any more infection. In most cases, a crown is also fitted.


A root canal is needed when antibiotics haven’t worked on an oral infection or the infection has progressed too far and caused abscesses. It is also needed if a tooth is broken or the tooth is decayed.

Are there any alternatives to root canal treatment?

The other option is to have the tooth removed and replaced with a bridge, implant or denture to keep chewing function and to stop the teeth surrounding the gap from shifting.


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Young woman pointing at her teeth after treatment for oral infection
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