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Cosmetic Dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry involves smile makeovers. When you are not happy with your smile we have several treatments and options to give you the best smile results and allow you to smile with confidence.


If you have any old fillings that are amalgam (grey metal) fillings, they can be changed to white fillings as these are mercury free, which is a concern in metal fillings.

Veneers are thin slips of porcelain or composite that are bonded on to the outside of your teeth. They can be used to disguise stained, chipped or misshaped teeth; cover gaps where orthodontic treatment isn’t suitable; or close spaces and “straighten” mildly crowded teeth.

Tooth bonding involves a resin that can be shaped on the tooth to change the appearance of discoloured teeth or fill in chipped teeth. It can also be used to make the teeth change shape to fill in gaps.

If you have gaps in your teeth, crooked teeth or you have an incorrect bite which affects eating and your smile, there is Six Months Smiles

This involves invisible braces which can close gaps in teeth, straighten teeth and can alter your bite to a more desirable one.

Teeth whitening improves the look of your teeth and can be adjusted to any shade you desire. Whether your teeth are slightly yellow or very dark, the dentist can adjust the gel strength or length of treatment to achieve the results you want.

When a tooth is extracted or it is missing because of trauma to the tooth, implants, bridges or dentures can also be part of a smile makeover.

With all these treatments available, the dentist will examine your teeth and will go through a treatment plan tailored to your needs to achieve a perfect smile.


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