General Dentistry


Why should I have a routine check-up?

Even though your teeth may be in good health, it is essential to have regular 6 month check-ups to keep your teeth at optimum health and catch any problems early to make treatment easier for you. In a dental check-up, the dentist will check your teeth and gums, have a thorough look for any problems and carry out an oral cancer screening.

The dentist may also do x-rays to give a complete picture of how the teeth look and find any underlying problems. The dentist is always happy to listen to any problems and concerns you may have with your teeth. Our personalised treatment plans mean you'll receive the very best individualised dental care that meets your needs.

Children's dentistry

Other than regular examinations, parents do not wish for their children to see the dentist too often. And certainly no more than themselves.

The good news is that most dental treatment is preventable! We aim to teach correct brushing and advise on the right diet as early as possible.

This ensures your child will have the best chance of avoiding decay and hopefully give them good habits for life.

We also offer fluoride varnish application, hygiene sessions for children, and custom fitted sports mouthguards. Our team is experienced in treating young children and making their visit an enjoyable experience.

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Child having a dental check-up
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